In many cases, the best places in the world are the hardest to get to. Hawaii is an excellent example. Despite being one of the most isolated places on Earth, travelers visit all year round from all over the world to enjoy its natural beauty, its balmy weather and a host of adventures that aren’t the same anywhere else. Unfortunately, when flying long distances, delays often happen, especially if you have multiple stops. It may be that you could only get a flight with a long layover, or your flight was delayed, or worse, canceled, but there are things you can do to prepare and to actually enjoy passing the time at the airport. Once you land, we can most likely help you with your Maui transportation needs, but before that, we hope our suggestions will get you here in high spirits!


Most airports have a collection of shops that feature merchandise that’s specific to that place. Whatever a state or a country is known for is generally represented in the airport so that travelers can purchase these kinds of novelty items that they don’t tend to see elsewhere. You don’t have to spend money, but you can always amuse yourself browsing and window shopping just to see what the local theme is like at the airport where you’re passing your time.


While you’re window-shopping, you could even throw in a bit of exercise to get your blood flowing between flights. Sitting for hours can be uncomfortable, so why not go for a brisk walk around your terminal? If you’re especially well prepared and you have enough time, you could even see if the nearby hotels sell day passes for their gyms. It’s a growing trend, especially around the big cities. Once you settle into your flight after exercising, you may find it easier to sleep, or at least rest while you’re in the air.


If, on the other hand, your travel time has been hectic and exhausting, you may want to do the opposite of exercising. Instead, you would probably rather take a load off and relax. Some of the bigger airports have day spas and massage shops to help you do that. Many spas include services like facials, manicures and pedicures. Another option could be the deluxe lounges that were once reserved only for first-class fliers. Now, many of the larger airports allow access for a small fee. Once inside, you can enjoy features like extra comfortable seating, newspapers and magazines to read, free wi-fi and even food buffets. Some of the really fancy ones even include showers and movies.


It takes all kinds to fill the world! Airports provide front row seats for people watching, as travelers from all over the globe come together briefly on the way to their destinations, like ships passing in the night. If you keep your eyes open, you may see some interesting qualities in the folks around you. Expect tearful reunions, excited youngsters, unusual wardrobe choices, foreign languages, and always the ones who are late and rushing to make their flights. If you want to get really creative, you can make up creative stories about the people you see!

Take a Day Trip

Sometimes, we get really long layovers and delays. In these circumstances, you don’t have to let the time pass idly by. Find out what kinds of attractions may be near the airport. If you’re traveling with a large group, look up a local transportation company. Some are conveniently positioned for day trips to local places of interest where you can shop, dine, peruse museums, or explore a park. You may simply take the time to go out and see a movie, if that feels more comfortable for you. Just think of it as an opportunity to see more of the world than you expected on your trip.

Try Restaurant Dining

Speaking of dining on your day trip, airports are starting to feature quality restaurants with celebrity-chef cuisine. At many airports, you no longer have to settle for a generic tray of poor quality food on your flight or at the food court. Sometimes, a delay or a layover is the perfect opportunity for a sit down meal to sustain you for the hours ahead. Since you’re already through security, you can even bring some food with you on the plane for later. It takes several hours to get to Hawaii from anywhere, so take the opportunity to bring some good sustenance with you.

Digital Entertainment

These days, the best entertainment can be found right in our pockets and purses: the smart phones. Many airports feature charging stations and wireless so you can plug in and watch videos, browse the web, read the news, play games, bounce around social media, and do any number of other things to entertain you while you wait. Got a laptop? Consider bringing it with you to get some work done, or to have fun playing games or watching videos. Better yet, why not start a travel journal and document your trip, or take the time to drum up some new ideas for your life and work? Airports can be stimulating places thanks to all the energy of those people around you. Today’s technology can help you harness that energy.

Hopefully, these suggestions are enough to get you mentally prepared for both foreseen and unforeseen blocks of time that you’ll end up spending at the airport. Although many of these suggestions are useful on the fly, so to speak, it helps to be prepared. So, don’t forget to bring some things with you that will help keep you busy, whether it’s your laptop, a crossword puzzle book or even a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage. Mahalo, and happy travels!

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