Activities to Try on Your Maui Corporate Retreat

The reason the corporate retreat has become such a popular choice among businesses is because it stimulates new ideas and relationships. In fact, the benefits are so pronounced, some business leaders feel that the cost is in not having corporate retreats. While there is a certain comfort and safety about the daily grind in the workplace, stagnation can easily set in and reduce the kind of brilliance that might otherwise be possible. Considering the right location for it? Maui has been inspiring artists and creative thinkers throughout history. What better way to shake things up than by taking the journey across the Pacific into a completely different kind of environment with a dynamic that is entirely its own?

One of the most important factors of the retreat is an unfamiliar location. This helps to pop the usual thought bubbles that one can become trapped in at the office. The Maui experience comes with unique scenery, geography, culture, cuisine, and weather. Even the air you breathe will feel completely different. All these qualities come together to help shake visitors out of their usual thought processes. The most effective retreats will include team-building activities to improve problem-solving and communication while fostering a healthy competitive spirit. But they will also include slower paced experiences that focus on enjoyment and taking time for reflection and introspection. Sometimes, the frantic drive to achieve can lead to a lack of creativity and depth.

Fortunately, Maui provides excellent opportunities for both kinds of experiences. You just have to know where to look, and that’s where we can help. We pride ourselves on our Maui transportation services, which offer unique group tours, quality service, and the Aloha Spirit. Our work gives us our own unique perspective on the island. It isn’t just about the roads, the destinations, or even the businesses on the island. It’s also about knowing who is coming to Maui, why they are here, and what they need. With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started.

Team-Building Activities

Maui Escape Rooms – Escape rooms have become the darlings of the team-building participants everywhere. Not only do they require powerful problem-solving and cooperative skills, but they are deliciously fun and addicting at the same time. This kind of activity provides one of those kinds of challenges that people rarely get to experience in any other situation, so the unique opportunity to engage in one of these is basically a must-do! On top of all that, Maui Escape Rooms has a stellar reputation.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports – This versatile company can teach your team all kinds of skills on the water, including stand-up paddle classes, kayaking excursions, and surf lessons. Best of all for team-building, they provide canoe tours. Paddling a canoe requires a group effort, and establishing a cooperative rhythm is part of the challenge. Participants are also taught how to enter and exit the water with the canoe as a team. This activity engages both the mind and body, while the sightseeing aspect of the outing makes the experience enjoyable for participants.

Island Art Party – When you’re ready to step outside the box and engage in the opportunity to socialize, network, and bring the shy team members out of their shells, Island Art Party is a great option. At its most basic level, this is a guided painting class where all your materials are prepped and ready for your use when you arrive. Secondarily, this is a lively, welcoming social experience. Between the teaching segments, there are breaks where participants can admire each other’s progress, munch on snacks, or buy drinks at the bar. If you have creative but quiet people you want to engage, this can help them shine and build confidence. If you have social people who aren’t so artistically inclined, this class is a way to break down their preconceived ideas about what they can and cannot do.

Leisure Activity Suggestions

Yoga Classes – We won’t pick a specific company or teacher for this one, because there are just too many outstanding choices on the island and it simply wouldn’t be fair to select one. They are easy to find, so take your pick! The popularity of yoga has been picking up more and more momentum over the past few decades because it challenges and strengthens both the mind and body. Remember that introspection we were talking about earlier? That opportunity for reflection? It tends to happen after a good yoga session, which improves our focus.

Maui Horseback Riding – This could almost be listed in the team-building activity category, whether there were games involved or not. Mostly, you’ll find that trail-rides and general lessons dominate the equestrian scene in terms of visitors. The reason it’s a borderline anyway is because you can’t ride a horse without a cooperative element. It’s almost like having a partner in a dance, but your partner happens to be an equine. You can learn a lot from these sensible creatures, and mutual trust is the most important part of the exercise. Not only do you communicate with your mount via a language of physical signals, but you also get to share the experience with your fellow riders if you opt for a trail ride, and you can take in the stunning views at the same time.

Voluntourism – This trend has taken off like a shot, here on Maui. While the daily grind back home requires certain kinds of work, volunteering provides a wide array of opportunities to try different types of work. Sometimes, performing new types of tasks can get the gears in our minds turning differently. Ideas begin to criss-cross and before you know it, you have a new perspective that you can apply to your usual work. A simple search will reveal volunteer opportunities on farms, in areas that require habitat restoration, at the humane society, and even at native Hawaiian fishponds.

SCUBA Diving – This is a bit of a niche option because generally, participants need to be certified, but you may find yourself surprised at how many people already are. SCUBA isn’t just about exploring an underwater world that you probably would never have seen without this specialized equipment. It’s also about having, and being, a reliable buddy. One of the first rules of diving is that you never go alone. You should always have a buddy and know the hand signals that allow underwater communication. Before you ever get into the water, you check each other’s equipment to make sure everything has been done properly.

When you’ve finally planned out your corporate retreat activities, you will need a reliable and experienced Maui corporate and group transportation service to get your group to and from your destinations in style and comfort. We tailor each and every trip to our clients’ unique needs and preferences. We will be here when you need us. Our contact information is located at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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