As the school season approaches, parents are getting their kids ready with school supplies and signing up for classes. However, our kids aren’t the only ones going back to school this fall, here at Akina Aloha Tours, we are also gearing up to go back-to-school and preparing for the busy school season. We are looking to hire reliable, warm hearted school bus drivers to help transport the brilliant minds of tomorrow, to and from school each morning.

Driver shortage is, and continues to be, a major issue across the U.S. and with stringent rules and regulations by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education, the requirements are becoming more and more challenging to find qualified drivers. We have been running ads on Indeed and Craigslist since May and have received numerous applicants. With all of the requirements, we have only been able to hire a few school bus drivers.

We realized that in order to keep up with the changing workforce and regulations, we have recently hired a new Driver Training and Human Resources Manager to help recruit for both full-time and part-time positions. If you or someone you know is looking for employment opportunities, view our available positions or contact Akina Aloha Tours today at (808) 879-2828 or


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