It’s about winter time in Maui and you know what that means? It’s whale watching season! The humpback whales have finally arrived and that’s great news for all of us whale lovers out there. Have you been planning a trip to Maui for quite some time and are you as excited as we are to see the whales? Well if this is your first time or perhaps your 20th time whale watching, we still have some tips for you. Here are our top tips for whale watching in Maui.

  1. Know where to go: This is major! On Maui there are two great spots for whale watching and that happens to be along Maui’s south side and its west side shores. Whether you’re planning a trip upcountry or to the north side of the island, don’t forget to travel to Kihei, Lahaina, Kaanapali, Honokowai, Wailea and Maalaea to capture a glimpse of these majestic creatures.
  2. Book a Maui whale watching boat tour: This is a must for any whale enthusiast. There’s no better way to get up close and personal with these astonishing creatures than by booking a boat tour out on the Pacific. If this sounds like a good idea to you, then simply google whale watch tours on Maui and have at it! You can’t go wrong.
  3. Spend as much time near the water: While Maui’s lovely upcountry and forest areas are great for hiking and picnics, they don’t exactly give you the views of the whales that you desire. That’s why it’s important to spend as much time swimming, snorkeling, surfing or just walking by the water. The more often you’re by the shore the more likely it is you’ll see the whales. Not only that, but if you’re in the water and they are near, you can hear them singing when you put your ears underwater!!!

So those are some of our best top tips for whale watching on Maui. If you’re coming to the Hawaiian Islands with a group of people and would like a guided, knowledgeable ride to and from your destination(s) then contact us and see how we can make it effortless and extra special!

We have some great tour and transportation services that will help you to see and experience Maui like never before. Check out some of our exclusive private group tours or learn about our family history on Maui to see how we know and love this island and how we can help you to build a relationship with it as well. We hope to see you soon and again, contact us with any questions regarding tours on Maui and have a great whale season folks!

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