The Valley Isle is known for so much adventure, so many outdoor activities and so much excitement that it’s hard to know where to even start. So, whether this is your first-time visiting Maui, your seventh time, or you’re looking for a team building activity for your Maui company employees, we offer a unique option for our tour guests that affords you the opportunity to build a custom tour in Maui the way you would like to!

With our Build Your Own Maui Tour option, separate from our tropical tour and pineapple tour, you can have your very on Maui adventure built to please you and your ohana (family). Here are a few of our specialty-designed tour options available for you. 

  1. Taste of Maui: Did you know Maui is home to some delicious and tasty cuisine all made special right here on Maui. Our crew knows all the hidden local spots where you can truly dine like a real Mauian. From food trucks to holes-in-the-wall, our team can get you to and from these amazing eateries with fun and ease!
  1. Hawaiian Cultural Tours: We are a Hawaiian family-owned and operated company and we love sharing our Hawaiian culture with visitors such as yourself. If you would love to learn more about Hawaii, the people here, and our customs such as tapa cloth making, poi pounding, taro and more, then let us take you around to some of the unique cultural classes offered on the island.
  1. Maui Historical Tours: Maui is home to so much history. Learn more about it during a historical tour with us.
  1. Maui Sightseeing Tours: Want to take as many pictures as possible at Maui’s top sites and locations? We have your back! With our sightseeing tour option, you can do just that. From Iao Valley to the beaches, we will give you plenty of places to take photographs to share on social media during your stay on Maui.
  1. Grown on Maui: Learn more about Maui’s growing agriculture industry with us and spend some time on the local farms where you can try some of the freshest food on earth. You’ll love it!

Feel free to request a quote from us if you’re interested in any of these unique options or if you would like to piece together your own tour. Contact us when you are ready to plan your adventure and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Aloha!

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