The thing about Maui is that it has no shortage of team-building fun, which makes it the perfect locale for a corporate retreat. From the ever-popular escape rooms to breathtaking zipline tours, the opportunities for both amusement and interpersonal bonding are endless on Maui, and we at Akina Aloha Tours are more than happy to help you and your entourage escape from the office and let off some steam. In fact, booking group transportation encourages team interaction and comradery as you travel altogether as one – almost like a mini-retreat in and of itself! But we want our passengers to soak up every bit of fun Maui has to offer. Here are some of our personal recommendations for your next corporate retreat:

Maui Escape Rooms
There’s a reason why escape rooms are the craze right now – it’s the ideal group activity that promotes teamwork and cooperation! It’s true that work can feel like its own escape room at times, but the rewarding part about escape rooms is that you can only get out by working together. No MVPs or lone wolves here; it’s all about the collective effort of the group, and a trip to an escape room might just be the thing that solidifies you and your coworkers as a team.

Maui Zipline
The self-absorbing nature of work often leads to some serious tunnel vision. A ziplining tour will surely open you and your coworkers to the joy and possibility of the outdoors. It’s the ultimate outdoor activity to get you and your coworkers out of your shell. Get some air back in those lungs or scream across the beautiful valley. There’s no better way to let loose than Maui Zipline.

Kayak & Canoe Tour
Work can be very solitary, which can leave you virtually out of sync with your co-workers. A kayak tour can surely put you back in synchronization as the only way to cover any real ground across the ocean is by paddling together. You’re all in the same boat at work. Here, you witness firsthand how a combined effort translates to progress. Paddling along Maui’s gorgeous coastlines is an added perk, plus the opportunity to stumble across schools of sea life along the way. There’s plenty of beauty to be found in working together. Book a canoe tour and see!

Rappel Maui
If you and your co-workers want to deal with some genuine obstacles, then rappelling down a waterfall is the activity you’re looking for. It’s definitely the most extreme team-bonding experience, one that builds and cements trust. With experienced guides, you and your group must navigate the terrain of Maui’s lush jungles and encourage one another to take the leap. It’s a journey that requires continued support and encouragement, which can make all the difference when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Plus, a dip in Maui’s freshwater pools is its own reward. Simply put, if you and your coworkers can rappel down waterfalls together, you can take on anything.

Spa Day at the Grand Wailea
Everybody needs to unwind. A day at the spa might just be the experience you and your coworkers need to de-stress. The Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea Resort, in particular, has been voted as one of the ten best spas in the country! Bathe in the exclusive healing waters of the islands, recuperate in a haven of water therapies, or kick back with mimosas as you and your coworkers await your deep-tissue massage. Relaxing together might even become a regular thing! It will definitely bridge that distance from being coworkers to being best friends. You’ll be thankful or your body will be thankful. Either way, a day at the spa will leave you feeling renewed.

Ready to start planning your next corporate retreat? Contact us today to discuss transportation and Maui custom tour options with our experienced staff today!

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