Group activities on Maui are great experiences for all and provide healthy atmospheres that initiate bonding and teamwork. Here at Akina Tours & Transportation, we offer an array of group services and even provide transportation to help get you to and from your group activity safely. So contact us and we’ll get you set up right away for your next group experience. But if you’re still on the fence about what activity you should book next for you and your crew, why not go with a luxurious spa day here on Maui?

While golfing, parasailing, boating and hikes are all great choices for group activities, sometimes the best way to experience the island life and aloha is by simply learning to relax. And what better way to relax than with a day at the spa? It’s definitely a top choice with our honeymooners, bachelorette and wedding groups!

On Maui, there are no shortage of five-star resorts that offer all-inclusive deals that will have you feeling pampered and fresh and will send you off feeling like the queen or king that you truly are. We might recommend you look into some of the more popular spas here on the island including the Ritz Carlton, The Grand Wailea, The Spa Montage, and the Four Seasons Spa, just to name a few.

Depending on where you’re staying on the island, you won’t be far from an incredible spa that can give you and your group everything from massages to facials and more! And don’t be fooled, this experience is not just for the ladies in the group. Listen up fellas, you could use a little relaxation too so don’t overthink it and picture yourself sitting in a steam room and putting business and work in the back of your mind for a little while. Sounds pretty appealing, right? So don’t hesitate and book your group spa appointment today!

We hope you enjoyed learning about how a spa day can really take your next group activity to the next level. If you have any questions about this group activity or others, then make sure to contact us with any questions you have so we can help you out. We are a family-owned and operated business and pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients and guests the best experiences possible on the island. We hope you consider relaxing with us and give us a call today. Have a wonderful week and a hui hou!

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