Congratulations to all you newly engaged couples out there! It’s such a fulfilling feeling to know that you’ve found the love of your life. And to celebrate having found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with you don’t want to make it some small occasion. A once in a lifetime love deserves a once in a lifetime wedding and that’s why we think you should think about getting married in Maui.

Here are our top reasons for why you should consider hosting your dream wedding on Maui.

  1. The Memories: Imagine getting grandmother and grandfather on the plane for their first trip to Hawaii. Or think about what it would be like to rent an exclusive vacation home on the beach where you and your closest friends and loved ones can celebrate for days on end. Don’t these sound like memories waiting to be made? Well, that’s one of the top reasons why scheduling your dream wedding in Maui only makes sense.
  1. The Weather: Where else can you book a wedding at any time of the year and have the weather be sunny and perfect? That’s Maui for you. It’s hard enough trying to pick a date that works for everyone so why not give yourself more flexibility by picking a location that will be ideal no matter what time of the year it is?
  1. The Locations: From exquisite country settings in Maui’s paniolo country to beachfront sandy wedding venues, Maui has plenty of ideal wedding locations to choose from. If you’re interested in having your wedding in a place that has a view no matter where you are then you’re going to want to book your wedding on Maui.
  1. The Sunsets: If you’ve heard that the best sunsets are on Maui then you’ve heard correctly. Maui’s west side or upcountry sunsets are the best in the world and make incredible backdrops for any wedding photo.
  1. The Ambiance: The smell of tropical flowers, the sound of waves crashing against the beach, the calm air and gentle breeze are all a part of what makes Maui so special. Set the mood right for your wedding here on Maui by taking in the beauty of the island’s natural habitat.

We hope you enjoyed learning about why you should choose Maui for your next destination wedding. If you’re considering having your wedding on the island and are in need of transportation services please contact us. Book our limo bus or ask us about our options for weddings and special occasions.  Good luck with planning your dream wedding and we look forward to assisting with your special day soon!

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