Maui Film Festival Reflections

This year’s Maui Film Festival was such an amazing experience, we just had to share our reflections with our readers. As we mentioned in our pre-festival blog entry, we had the privilege of providing transportation between various parking areas and event locations. We put our fleet of Maui buses to work for the convenience of the many wonderful guests who attended. In fact, the guests included us. How could we pass up the opportunity?

If you’ve never been to the Maui Film Festival, we strongly recommend that you make a point of it to go. Not only are the films thought provoking and creative, but the rest of the experience leaves a lasting impression as well. We joined in on the event that is probably the most popular: the Celestial Cinema.

From the moment our little group arrived in the parking lot, we felt the buzz of excitement in the other folks around us as they loaded up with their low-backed chairs, pillows, blankets and other articles for comfort and convenience. Everyone seemed eager to get to the pickup area where our buses were circulating to get people to the golf course venue. Our amazing drivers were busy helping everyone fit their belongings on board, including us! In their capable hands, things went even smoother than we expected and we were soon cruising off to our destination, with the added comfort of our cozy pillows and blankets. Although the lights dimmed and the engine was quiet, the passengers filled the air with lively conversation in anticipation of the events to come.

We were soon at the drop off, and the lights flashed on as everyone eagerly began to disembark. Although we were right on time, we were amazed by how many people got there early. Some were following the savory scents in the air to the food vendors, while others, including us, hurried to claim their spot on the green of the golf course. As we climbed that little hill we began to see the top of the screen peeking out. In just a few more steps, the entirety of the giant screen was revealed, along with the throngs of people who were looking for a spot, greeting friends, hurrying back to the food vendors, or settling in on the grass. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the palm trees above us while the endless stars twinkled beyond. Even more remarkable than all of that was the silvery ring of light that encircled the moon above.

Once we found our little spot on the grass, we nestled in for the film we’d come to see: Mad Dogs. Like many other Maui residents, some of us are passionate about water sports, and this film was all about the surfers that brave the monster waves of Pe’ahi, also known popularly around the world as Jaws. This famous (and sometimes infamous) surf spot is located on Maui’s North Shore, so the film was especially close to our hearts. Even more so because of the powerful influence of surf culture that has helped to shape Maui as we know it today. In fact, members of the crowd often cheered for their friends and heroes as they appeared throughout this dynamic documentary, which was endearing and made us smile.

Our evening at the Maui Film Festial made us feel proud and privileged to be counted among those who helped make the experience enjoyable. We’re glad for the service we were able to provide, and to share our fleet of Maui tour buses with our fellow guests. If you are looking for transportation for an outing of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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