Maui Sightseeing Series – MauiWine in Ulupalakua

Photo Courtesy of Maui Wine & Photography  by Joseph Hegele

Do you enjoy wine tasting? Some Maui visitors are surprised to find that there are several places on the island where you can do just that. When one thinks of wine tasting, the Hawaiian islands certainly don’t jump out as a place for it, but that’s why we love what we do. We get to surprise people all the time as we take them on custom Maui tours, introducing them to aspects of the island that they didn’t expect to find. This week, we’d like to suggest MauiWine in Ulupalakua.

Visiting the winery makes for a wonderful day trip that’s not just about the beautiful destination, but also the breathtaking journey, which will bring you 1,800 feet above sea level on the magnificent southern slopes of Haleakala. From that elevation, the views are heavenly, the air is comfortably cool, and the surrounding greenery is soothing. The grapes from this amazing landscape have a set of nuanced flavors all their own, reflecting the unique qualities of Maui’s highland soil.

Once you arrive on the property, you’ll find yourself immersed in the history of a bygone era, where its earliest operators had achieved a successful agricultural operation as early as the mid 1800s. The winery tour offers tastings in the King’s Cottage and the Old Jail, both of which are historical buildings. Many years later, in 1974, the land became the site of Maui’s first winery, comprising of 23 acres of stunning countryside.

Now, MauiWine distributes its celebrated products to 18 states and four countries around the world. Not only do they provide tours, but have also hosted private events. If you have something in mind, we would be happy to assist you if you need a Maui transportation service to and from this remarkable destination. Just reach out to us at the contact information at the bottom of the page, and we can discuss the specifics. If you need more information on MauiWine, just visit We hope you enjoy all of your experiences here on Maui! Mahalo!

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