Vacation, corporate event, or wedding? Choosing a destination can prove to be difficult either which way you cut it, especially if you have a large group of needs to consider. As a popular destination for just about every occasion, Maui has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Despite the rapid growth in development, the island has been able to maintain the natural Hawaiian beauty that is most sought after for a tropical retreat.  Needless to say, there is not much convincing required when it comes to planning your next Hawaii vacation or your dream destination wedding but is Maui the place for your next corporate event? Our answer is yes! Effective work trips balance business with pleasure and the Valley Isle offers opportunities for both.

The end goal of a corporate event is to break through the stagnant routine that falls upon an office. Retreats go beyond an awesome photo album; it can provide new perspectives that could lead to improved problem-solving and communication within a company. They also provide the opportunity to offer your valued employees a memorable “mahalo” and incentivize positive company moral. So how does Maui do all of this?

An ideal venue for a corporate retreat typically features inspiration and nature, the more unfamiliar a location the better. Though these items may exist on other islands, the variety on Maui creates an inclusive package that is hard to beat. The location alone speaks for itself! With unique sceneries ranging from picturesque beaches to misty mountains, the island provides the perfect natural backdrop for the mix of learning, training, and adventure common on company getaways.

The different types of geography and climates within Maui have led to a variety of creative team-building activities that foster deeper relationships. Inspiration radiates through the island and has been encouraging creative minds throughout history, enabling businesses to hit refresh and launch into new-found innovation. Maui’s influence doesn’t quite stop at the beautiful background, as stunning as it is! Hawaii is famed for the unique melting pot of cultures and it is prevalent in the island’s events, people, and food. So while trust falls and sightseeing is a great way to motivate out of office thinking, new traditions and local fusion foods could be the answer to the static in your business.

Planning your next corporate retreat can be a little overwhelming, but choosing a location just got a little bit easier. The opportunities for learning, development, and fun are endless here on Maui, the key is knowing where to look. Specializing in corporate and group transportation services, Akina Aloha Tours has you covered from when you step off that plane until you wave “a hui hou”. Our majestic island is full of potential to explore! So we are a little bias but the decision is yours, hit the refresh button and discover Maui.

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