Wedding planning is stressful. There’s no getting around that. From co-coordinating flights to Maui, to ensuring floral arrangements are delivered in time; the more you plan, the more stuff gets added to a list that’s never-ending. This is for your special day, but the wedding itself doesn’t have to be one giant headache.

You deserve luxury and luckily for you, Akina Aloha Tours specializes in such occasions. We provide that extravagance by getting you where you need to go in style. There are plenty of vehicles to suit your entourage’s needs. Booking wedding transportation with us crosses one item off that list. Because why worry about transportation when you can focus on more important details? Here are a few transportation tips to keep in mind before making that big decision:

  • Why not book transport? Most people will wonder why bother booking transportation for their guests at all. For others, it’s a no-brainer. Wedding transportation provided by Akina Tours ensures that guests will get there on time together; that alone is a luxury worth having. Carpooling plans are tedious enough. It doesn’t have to be a free-for-all or a mad scramble from ceremony to reception. You won’t have to worry about venue parking either. Akina Tours is all about easing the process through ease of transportation. Besides, why drive when you can be driven?
  • Book early. Don’t leave something as important as your wedding day to chance. You can save yourself the grief by planning accordingly. Book transportation 4 months in advance. There are tons of events happening on Maui at any given moment, events that require mass transportation – festivals, prom, perhaps another wedding (yours is obviously better.) It pays to plan ahead. Consider it an opportunity for some peace of mind.
  • Have a timetable. Establishing a timeline is crucial. When to arrive at the ceremony, when to be at the reception. Punctuality is everything, so it’s best to account for any and all possible hiccups. The route, the traffic, overruns in the ceremony, relatives who take forever to get in the car. None of these can happen, or all of these. Either way, it’s important to have more than enough wiggle room. It doesn’t hurt to communicate these concerns to the driver either. They’re here for you. Our drivers can be accommodating as long as you keep them in the loop.
  • Consider your parties. It’s okay to have a budget, but never, never fill to capacity. You don’t want to be suffocated by your family, even though that might be the case. Get rid of those contentious last-minute carpooling plans. Arrange each wave of transportation. Bridesmaids ride together in one limo, groomsmen in another. The bride’s family gets bunched up in one as does the groom’s. Some relatives want to be together, some don’t (let’s be real.) Think of it as an extension of your seating arrangements. You want to know where everyone’s sitting. You’ll just as well want to know who’s riding with who.
  • Consider your options. Akina Tours has no shortage of transport. We have vans, motor coaches, mini buses, and the island’s only line of luxurious limousine coaches all at your disposal. VIPs obviously get top billing. But just because you don’t provide everyone the same luxury liner doesn’t mean the thought is any less special. You want your guests to ride together. You want to make sure everybody gets there on time and gets back to their hotel safely. Let us be your designated drivers for the night so all you have to do is worry about having a good time.

Wedding planning is time-consuming, especially when you’re planning one all the way across the Pacific. We can help with the heavy lifting. Book with us today and we’ll provide a fun and luxurious wedding experience to remember. You’ve already chosen Maui for the wedding of your dreams. We’ll get you there.

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