A group visit to Maui calls for a lot of planning and even more fun. And on the island of Maui, there’s nothing more fun than indulging in one of the many amazing activities available. This beautiful Hawaiian island is acclaimed for its entrancing upcountry region that’s home to beautiful tropical farms, as well as its stretches of gorgeous West Maui beaches, so no matter where you are you’re sure to have a good time. But if you’re looking for something a little different and new for your next outing, why not try a day exploring a Maui Chocolate Tour?

During a Maui Chocolate Tour, you’ll have a chance to visit one of the few cacao farms in America! Thanks to the island’s unique climate, Hawaii is the only state where cacao is grown. During the Maui Chocolate Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Kupa’a Farms on the lower slopes of the Haleakala Crater around 1900 ft. Elevation. The farm is located in Kula and during the visit your team will learn how cocoa is harvested and made into delicious chocolates. The farm consists of 4-acres and includes organic vegetables, coffee, and cacao. During the tour, you will see one of several small cacao groves that has mature trees that may, in fact, be in flower or have pods during the visit. Cacao typically produces two crops a year. It takes five to six months for the fruit to mature.

What you can expect during your Maui Group Tour

During the tour, the farmer will tell you how the cacao grows and about the post-harvest practices used to develop the chocolate flavor you so love and adore. On top of that, you’ll also learn a process of cracking, winnowing and grinding roasted cacao beans into a tasty Mayan style chocolate drink. Yum! The excursion also includes a guided tasting, much like a wine tasting, that will have you dabbling in several different dark craft chocolates, including Hawaiian grown chocolate and fine chocolates from other world origins. Fun! The tour is fun and educational and is suitable for ages seven and up. If your group includes individuals who have physical disabilities, keep in mind the trip is on a farm that is at 1900 ft elevation. There will be some walking during the tour so those with limited mobility should be cautioned. The farm is not accessible by public transportation so let us drop you off!

Contact us today to book transportation to and from a Maui Chocolate Tour or any other activity you and your group would like to take part in on your trip to Maui. Aloha!

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