Our decades-old transportation company has been operating out of Hawaii since 1928. Thanks to our deep roots and connection to the area, we’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to provide unique Hawaiian Cultural Tours that offer insight, education and elements of fun to any and all attendees. These tours not only provide exposure to the lifestyle and ways of islanders, but also bestows wisdom that has been proven beneficial in many a group and individual setting.

At Akina Tours & Transportation, our cultural custodians have acquired the knowledge and permission needed to share the mana’o (wisdom) of Hawaii’s kupuna (elders). From peacemaking techniques, to stories and legends of Hawai’i Nei as told through the Mo’olelo (creation chant), attendees are sure to learn a wide-range of valuable lessons during one of our  tours.

In fact, many visitors are attracted to Hawaii for the culture. The Aloha way is one of peace, harmony and respect for others and the environment. This way was passed down through generations, and today these ohana (family) work hard to keep the spirit of Aloha alive. Some ways in which others may learn about the deep and dynamic aspects of this culture is through one of the available programs offered through Akina Tours & Transportation. Some of the cultural tours we feature include programs such as the Hoe Wa’a (Outrigger Canoe Paddling,) the Ko’ie’ie Loko L’a (Hawaiian Fishpond & Agriculture,) Hui o Wa’a Kaulua (traditional oceanic voyaging and celestial navigation,) and the Ahupua’a (eco system of Hawaii). Each of these programs expose outsiders to different aspects of Hawaiian culture. If your team is in need of an outdoor retreat, than perhaps learning about the harmony of the Ahupua’a system or the Hawaiian fish ponds would be a worthy endeavor. Or if your company is looking to learn team-building exercises, taking a tour aboard a Hawaiian sailing canoe can help your employees learn about teamwork, leadership and hard work.

There are so many lessons and so much advice that your employees can take away during one of our unique cultural tour options. If you’re interested in team building through unique ancient Hawaiian techniques, we can help! You can contact us through our contact page and also request a quote for various tours as well. We hope we have triggered your interest in Hawaiian culture and encourage you to challenge yourself and your employees during one of our tours. Aloha nui and Mahalo.

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