As you will soon discover, Maui is a unique island with an eclectic mixture of restaurants and cafes with hints of Hawaii’s diverse cultural influence. While many wedding and corporate destinations land in the prestigious resort areas of South and West Maui, there are a number of towns throughout the Valley Isle worth exploring. With our knowledgeable tour guides, there is no better way to get away from the resorts and venture “off-the-beaten-track”. Create a private, customized Taste of Maui tour and let Akina Aloha Tours take you where the locals go! Keeping everyone happy can be a challenge, especially when you are planning for a large party like a corporate retreat or wedding activity. Thankfully our highlighted stops offer a great mix of interests and are perfect for groups looking to strike the right balance.

One of our featured city tour locations ushers you from the necklace of luxurious hotels to the surfer’s paradise, North Shore Maui. Many embarking on the famous road to Hana will actually view this town from the weathered windows of their rental car whilst driving through and never get a chance to experience its charm.  Paia, in a nutshell, is a t-shaped stretch of charismatic shops and carries the retro beach town vibe you may have seen in 60’s California. Since parking can prove to be a challenge, utilizing a private transportation service like Akina Aloha Tours is an added perk as you will not need to participate in the battle of the parking lot.

Amongst the eclectic shopping and galleries, Paia is most known for its impeccable restaurant scene. Flatbread Pizza and Cafe De Amis are a few restaurants to note that have the whole island gravitating to Maui’s North Shore. However, you can virtually do no wrong when it comes to eating here and thankfully your large group will not need to settle for just one on this Taste of Maui tour!

As you stroll through the town of Paia you will most likely come across a diverse group of people. Brush past professional surfers, old-school hippies, new-age mothers, and maybe even some celebrities! Known to drop by unannounced, you might catch yourself enjoying a burger at Charley’s with Willie Nelson playing in the background. Grab some takeout from any of these good eats and head to one of the nearby beaches to make seaside picnics a dreamy reality!

We have just scratched the surface of this unique town and we implore you to see it for yourself! Connecting Central Maui to upcountry and the north side of the island, Paia is the perfect first stop on your custom city tour. There is so much to see, so let’s start planning your corporate or wedding group retreat today!

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