Akina Aloha Tours’ Taste of Maui custom tour offers visiting foodies a chance to try a variety of unique cuisine in one of Maui’s most popular communities. With tours available all throughout the island, the Wailuku excursion offers a convenient package for any traveling epicure. Each tour is reasonably priced and provides a chance to try some of the top menu items at several restaurants in this historic island town while getting to do a little shopping on the side.

Wailuku is rich with character, excitement, culture and beauty. Located just outside of Kahului, this former plantation town is a popular destination for tourists heading towards Iao Valley and also happens to be home to many local businesses and government offices. The diversity of this location has attracted many delicious eateries and plenty of Mom-and-Pop stores over the years. Here you will find restaurants with menus that feature plenty of locally-grown ingredients and shops that showcase items that you really can’t find anywhere else. From the popular Native Intelligence store where you can purchase authentic Hawaiian goods to the delicious 808 on Main lunch spot, Wailuku has so much to offer. And what better way to see it than with a trip with Akina Aloha Tours?

Akina Aloha Tours has been in operation since 1988 and is the oldest transportation service on the island. We truly embody the Aloha Spirit and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer you an insider’s look at virtually all areas of our wonderful island. Everyone knows that it’s always best to travel with a local; and if you want to see Wailuku like a real kamaaina (local), then you’ll definitely want to see it through our eyes. This area in particular has so much history that to truly appreciate what you’re seeing you’ll need to have someone with the know-how to fill you in. Interested in learning about what Wailuku used to look like or where you can find the best cup of coffee? During one of our tours, you’ll get all that information and more.

Along with a day in Wailuku, our Taste of Maui Tours can take you behind the scenes to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and the Hui No’eau, have you exploring the streets of Lahaina, eating along the coasts of Paia and Kihei, and dining in Maui’s upcountry towns of Kula, Makawao, and Haiku. For more information, contact us today so we can help you make the most of your next vacation to Maui.

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