When you come to Maui with your group, whether it’s for a work-related trip or perhaps you are visiting for a destination wedding or simply a family vacation, there’s always a night or two everyone wants to let loose and have some fun out on the town. Why not, right? That’s what being in the islands is all about- having fun! But it’s important to have fun the right way and that is why we encourage you to contact us and use our transportation services to help you get to and from wherever you plan to be with safety and ease.

  1. Front Street, Lahaina: Nothing says a night on the town quite like Maui’s Front Street. With clubs, restaurants, music, food, drinks and more, no bachelor or bachelorette party is complete without a night out on Front Street. Hit up the Dirty Monkey, Kimo’s for pupus, Down the Hatch, or Fleetwood’s and have the time of your life!
  2. Kihei Food Trucks and Triangle: Kihei is a great place to check out for a night on the town. Check out the triangle for some live music and good cocktails, dancing and more and hit up the food truck scene to grab a late-night snack. You and your crew will have a night to remember!
  3. Maui Friday Town Parties: If your party happens to land on a Friday then you are in luck because on any given Friday on Maui there is bound to be a Friday Town Party event happening somewhere on the island. Get a taste of the local street nightlife in Wailuku, Kihei, Lahaina, and Makawao during a First Friday in one of these areas.

Those are some tips on how to celebrate a night on the town on Maui the right way. Now if you need some help getting to and from any of these places or transportation to the airport and back again, we can help you with that as well. Check out some of our special occasion transportation options as well as our activity transportation options and give us a call when you are ready to get on the road and see and experience Maui like never before. In the meantime, keep checking back to our blog here to stay up to date about the latest in all things island related. We hope to be able to help you have a fun, safe, and exciting night out next time you are in town. Have a great week!

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