A trip to Maui is nothing short of amazing. This island is home to so much to do and see. It’s hard to fit every adventure in. With the famous Road to Hana, Mt. Haleakala, the wonders of the island’s West side beaches, the whales, Lahaina’s front street, Wailea’s five-star resorts, and so much more, it’s no wonder why you’ve chosen to bring your group here.

Once you land and get your Maui transportation in order, you’ll be off and on your way to enjoy all the great fun this island has to offer. If you’re bringing the entire crew for a corporate getaway or your big family for a great adventure and are stuck on what to do when you get here, then read on and learn about some of the amazing group activities available to you on the island. These trips will appeal to groups of adults and families with varying ages.

  1. Visit the Crater: Visiting Mt. Haleakala’s crater is a necessity for any group. You’ll be in awe by Maui’s tallest mountain. At 10,023 feet above sea level, this dormant volcano translates to “House of the rising sun” in Hawaiian, a homage to the cultural legend of the demigod Maui. Enjoy pristine views and peace atop this Maui mountain. Enjoy a leisurely visit of the peak or plan for some hiking.
  2. Day Tour: Check out our Pineapple Tour or Upcountry Tropical Farm Tour. They’re great ways to educate your group about the island and a unique way to engage your team in an outdoor setting.
  3. Sunset at Honolua Bay: Bring your camera and take the group to Honolua Bay at sunset. Enjoy the sights of surfers in the distance while the sunsets.
  4. Boat Trip to Molokini: Have you always wanted to try snorkeling but never had the chance? Well, Maui is the perfect place to start. Take the group to Molokini and you might just be lucky enough to see an octopus or even a shark!
  5. Wine Tasting Upcountry: Taste some of the island’s fresh wines with a Maui wine tasting tour.
  6. Dinner Cruise: Nothing will have your group talking, smiling, and laughing more than a dinner cruise on Maui.
  7. Maui Ocean Center: If you’re looking for an educational tour to help your group become more connected to each other and the island, then a day at the Maui Ocean Center is a great idea. Learn all about the marine life on the island and enjoy seeing some prettying incredible creatures.
  8. Golf: Home to some amazing golf courses, your group will adore you for giving them a day to play where the pros do.
  9. Luau: Learn about Hawaiian culture and dance over an amazing meal at a luau in Maui.
  10. Day Trip to Lanai: Take a boat cruise over to Lanai and let your group explore a new island for a day.

That’s our top 10 fun group activities on Maui. Contact us if you need help getting your group around the island. Have a great week!

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