Visiting the Maui Ocean Center

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If you’re on the lookout for Maui attractions that make for a convenient day trip, you may be interested in visiting the Maui Ocean Center. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway for two or you’re on a trip with a large corporate group, the MOC can accommodate your number of guests, and we can accommodate your Maui transportation needs. It’s a great spot to visit for those who enjoy the natural wonders of Hawaii’s marine ecosystem, and the aquarium is home to some of the most stunning species ever to grace the Earth’s oceans.

There are several fascinating exhibits at the MOC, each housing a special collection of marine life. Turtle Lagoon brings you right up close to Hawaii’s favorite marine reptiles, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Hammerhead Harbor is home to a collection of powerful, majestic sharks. The Sea Jelly Gallery features a variety of delicate, undulating jellyfish. The Living Reef provides a myriad of colorful reef inhabitants, while the Open Ocean exhibit provides you with an underwater tunnel view of graceful giants like stingrays and sharks, alongside thousands of fish. These are just a few of the exciting exhibits you’ll discover at this very special attraction.

The aquarium is extensive enough to keep guests occupied for a few hours at least, and longer for the more curious folks. There are refreshments at the Reef Cafe and Hale Mea Ono Coffee Cart, while Seascape Ma’alaea Restaurant is a wonderful spot for a sit-down meal. The Maui Ocean Treasures shop is full of quality items that make for wonderful souvenirs and gifts. They range from a robust assortment of puzzles and books to a rainbow of toys, clothing and jewelry, among other exciting finds.

If you finish your exploration with extra time to spare, the Maui Harbor Shops are worth browsing, while Ma’alaea Harbor itself is a scenic location with limitless opportunities for dynamic photographs of charming boats and the sparkling blue Pacific. This time of year, and throughout the winter and spring, Ma’alaea Bay is teeming with humpback whales. In fact, it seems to be their favorite spot in Hawaii, based on sightings, so you may get more than you bargain for. You also have the option of dining at Beach Bum’s Restaurant, a local favorite for seafood, and indulging in mouthwatering confections at Hula Cookies.

The Maui Ocean Center is well worth a visit if you have any interest in marine life, especially if there are any members of your group who can’t get into the water to snorkel or scuba dive to see these wondrous creatures in person. As for getting there, we are here to assist you with all your Maui transportation needs. Mahalo!

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