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Welcome to our new blog for Akina Aloha Tours. On a regular basis we will be talking about the many distinctive services that we offer to both visitors and kama’aina, or locals, and how we can assist in making your travel time on Maui enjoyable and hassle-free. We will start with an introduction to our award-winning company and a brief description of some of the services we provide.

Akina Aloha Tours is Maui’s oldest and most experienced passenger service. We began in 1928 when Alexander Boniface Akina ran a local transportation service using banana wagons, buses, and taxis on Maui. Today our family continues this service by providing the island with bus transportation for schools, excursions, sightseeing tours, proms, weddings, and parties. As Maui’s locally-owned transportation company, we offer a much broader range of services than most other bus and transportation services in the tourist industry.

Whether your need is to safely transport groups of people, luggage or equipment, we can assist you throughout your functions and events. In addition to the traditional airport lei greetings and transfers, we offer customized services for your group or corporate events. We can provide shuttle service for meetings, excursions, dining, or other activities, and a hospitality desk with our local staff to help answer questions. Also, we can arrange unique island tours which can be customized to suit your group’s interests and budget.

With our long history, our company has earned a reputation of providing reliable and superior service. In 2002, we were ranked as one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Motorcoach Operators. Our fleet includes a wide array of luxury vehicles such as SUVs, motorcoaches, and limo buses to accommodate different groups and activities. Our goal is to provide the Aloha Spirit to all of our customers with our quality service and unique tours.

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