What to Pack for a Maui Business Conference

Coming to visit Maui for a business conference? It’s important to know what you should pack for any conference, but for one that’s located here in Hawaii, you might want to tweak your list of things to bring. Here are suggestions for both general and Hawaii-specific items to bring with you on your trip.

Clothes – Let’s tackle the obvious first. You always want to dress to impress for a business conference, but men should leave the ties at home. They’re too formal for most conferences, let alone a Maui conference. Men should have a different button up shirt for each day of the conference, preferably with short sleeves since it’s warm and casual out here. Ladies can opt for a different short-sleeved blouse for each day. If you want to add an aloha shirt to your ensemble, it would not go amiss. Slacks and skirts for every two days should work well. Another common style among men is khaki or tan slacks with a brown belt and a polo shirt or a button down.

Toiletries – Here on Maui, excessive grooming and/or makeup can make you stick out like a sore thumb. A natural look is very acceptable. However, there is one part of your regimen you should emphasize, and that is hygiene. Be prepared for warm and somewhat humid weather. Don’t skimp on deodorants and don’t forget your oral hygiene. Disposable flossers are handy for cleaning your teeth after meals. Sunscreen is also a must. UV rays are very intense in Hawaii, which is closer to the equator than any other Mainland location. Sometimes one outdoor lunch is all it takes to burn your face, depending on your skin condition. Fortunately, it’s easy to find sunscreen just about anywhere, but don’t wait until after you’re burned. Lastly, a nice subtle cologne or perfume is worth bringing.

Technology – A lighter load is better when you have to carry it around with you. That means a small laptop is better than a bulky one, and a tablet is better than a small laptop. Less is more when it comes to gadgets. Aim for just a couple of sleek small ones. Don’t forget your chargers. You’ll want a portable USB charger and car charger, along with whatever else you need to power your smart phone, laptop, and/or tablet.

Hardware – No matter how prevalent technology becomes, a nice little notebook never goes out of style, and you might just find your fellow attendees asking for your help in clarifying certain points, or reminding them of bits they forgot. On that note, pun intended, bring extra pens in case you want to help someone who forgot theirs. Every little gesture can go a long way to making a good impression. Along with your regular pens, you should always bring a sharpie, in case you need to correct the spelling on your name tag or add your email to it. There are many instances when having a sharpie is very handy.

Swimwear – Unless you’re absolutely positive that you won’t go near a beach or pool, you should bring some swimwear with you just in case. You might find that your fellow attendees plan to take advantage of the opportunity to go for a swim, soak in a hot spa back at the accommodations, or maybe hop on a boat together for a snorkel tour. Even if you don’t usually like getting in the water, Maui is an unusually tempting place for it.

We hope these suggestions have given you some guidance so you can plan your trip with confidence. If you need Maui transportation to and from your conference, we offer Corporate & Group Transportation Services. Mahalo!

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