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The beauty of Maui and the hospitality of our people are world-renowned and our casual island lifestyle still exists outside the confines of the Resort enclaves. Come and enjoy the Natural Beauty of our island and the gracious, casual essence of Maui. Experience the geological wonder of the forces of nature; eruption, wind & rain erosion and the rise & fall of the ocean that created Maui Nui.

Featured Sights:
Haleakala National Park * 'Iao Valley State Park * Kepaniwai Gardens * Upcountry Maui * Keokea * 'Ulupalakua Ranch * Makawao Town * Paia Town * old Wailuku Town * Lahaina Town

Maui is among the best places on Earth for sightseeing. There is no place quite like Hawaii, and no landscape as beautiful. You can spend your morning soaking up the sun at the beach and in a short drive be upcountry enjoying the mountains and cool, crisp weather. The hospitality of the locals is world-renowned and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the casual island lifestyle.

Some of the locations you can choose to visit on this Maui sightseeing tour are Haleakala National Park, Iao Valley State Park, Kepaniwai Gardens, Keokea, Ulupalakua Ranch, Wailuku Town, Paia Town, Makawao Town and Lahaina Town.

One of the must see sights on Maui is the sunrise at Haleakala National Park. Yes, it does call for an early rise sometime around 4 am depending on the season and where you are staying on the island. However, sitting atop the volcanic rock and watching the huge orange, yellow sun rise out of the summit is an experience like no other. A little hot chocolate on your way up and warm clothes are recommended. At a 10,023 feet elevation, it is always about 30 degrees cooler than ground level. Haleakala also has great hiking options and even horseback riding tours.

Kepaniwai Garden is a charming county park in central Maui, located in the famous Iao Valley. Due to storm damage, the park is temporarily closed. The memorial includes ancient homes of people from all over the world including Japan, the Philippines, China and Portugal. The gardens were created in 1952 and restored in 1994 to showcase Hawaii’s unique ethnic heritage. The park is a perfect place to picnic or simply relax your mind as you walk through the zen gardens surrounded by greenery in all directions. The Iao Valley Mountains are right next to the Kepaniwai Gardens and provide some stunning mountain views.

Keokea is a very quaint town on the way to Ulupalakua. Three stops you’ll want to make are Grandma’s Coffee House, Tedeschi Winery and the Ulupalakua Ranch. The drive itself is worth the trip with winding roads through green pastureland overlooking the expansive Pacific Ocean. Grandma’s Coffee House is well known by locals for its rustic country vibes. Enjoy great homemade style food and old school coffee.

A stop at Tedeschi is also well worth your time. It’s the only winery on Maui and dates back to 1841 when King Kamehameha III leased the land in Ulupalakua. Tedeschi winery started as a partnership between C. Pardee Erdman of Ulupalakua Ranch and Emil Tedeschi of Napa Valley. They sell wines incredibly unique to Maui’s tropical climate including its famous pineapple wine. Come along with Akina to tour the facilities and enjoy the winery grounds. There are a beautiful range of exotic trees and plants.

The Ulupalakua Ranch store is literally across the road from the winery. Here you can find goodies to take home as well as ono (delicious) food! Stop over for lunch and get the slow roasted beef brisket or olive oil and parsley mashed potatoes. Everything is cooked from scratch and all the ingredients are locally sourced. The ranch itself is located on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano. It runs 2,300 Angus and Brangus cows. Calves are born to coincide with the different ecosystems on the Ulupalakua ranch.

Every town on Maui is unique and Akina Tours with our knowledgeable guides give you a taste of each. Wailuku town represents the seat of the Maui County Government. It’s also a commercial center with charming old school mom-and-pop stores. Paia and Makawao are reminiscent of Paniolo (cowboy) times with their rustic buildings, small boutiques, local restaurants and art galleries. Meanwhile, Lahaina on the opposite end of the island is known for great surf, spectacular ocean views and famous Front Street, where just about anything is possible.

Book the Akina sightseeing tour today if you’d like to experience Maui’s natural beauty and casual lifestyle. Experience the forces of nature, stargaze, visit a dormant volcano and take a dip in the refreshing Pacific Ocean.

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